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We are creating a critical metals technology platform which delivers key metals that will define and power our transition to net zero.

Achieving net zero will require an unprecedented increase in the supply of technology metals, with the future global economy underpinned by technology that depends on them. MetalX is committed to building supply in the most economical and environmentally focused manner, through world-leading research and through delivery of cutting-edge technology.

We’re proud of our systems that support industry, governments and global communities, and which improve the recovery of metals while delivering significant environmental benefits.

Our Technology: ecoMetalX

The ecoMetalX System

Our ecoMetalX process is world-leading technology developed by MetalX in collaboration with the University of Sydney. Proven faster, more efficient recovery of key metals from ores, e-waste and other solids - with significant environmental benefits.

EcoMetalX fully regenerates reagents used, reducing toxic waste and mitigating logistics issues and greenhouse gases associated with trucking chemicals to remote mining locations. We achieve this by generating, then continually regenerating, "super oxidisers" from cheap and less harmful precursors, slashing leaching times and accelerating recovery.

EcoMetalX delivers environmental, financial and safety advantages to support our global energy transition.

Team Members

Emma Clark

CEO at ecoX Global, 20yrs experience managing global projects in energy across the EU, US, and Asia.  Consulting with multinational companies in identifying and implementing large scale ESG projects.

David Coleman

Chairperson at ecoX Global and Defugo Technologies. Entrepreneur with a depth of experience leading multinational companies across bioceuticals, recycling, remediation and IT. 

A/Prof Alejandro Montoya

A deep technical knowledge with a focus on large-scale solutions encompassing lab trials, multi-scale process modelling and optimization.


Bill Jones

EcoX Global non-executive director, Managing director Beamount Capital, Founder and managing partner of a group providing directorship, investment management and consulting services to the alternative investment industry in Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands.

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About Us

“We’re committed to finding new technology to provide a solution to a perplexing and costly global issue.”


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